Advantages of the outdoor wood-fired oven

Dans cet article, nous allons découvrir quels sont ls avantages d'une four à pizza extérieur au feu de bois. Alors si vous hésitez entre un four à pizza au feu de bois et un four électrique, cet article pourra vous aider à y voir plus clair et à prendre une décision. 

Les principaux avantages du four à bois

Dans cette liste, nous allons mettre en avant les éléments qui font d'un four à bois une solution de choix pour la cuisson d'une bonne pizza maison. De l'authenticité à la qualité de cuisson, vous verrez que le four à bois est un compagnon de choix pour la cuisson de vos pizzas. 


wood-fired pizza

What a pleasure it is to go back to the roots, the traditions and the basics of traditional cooking. Cooking with a flame takes us back to our roots and is a real pleasure for any cooking enthusiast. The smell, the colour and the crackling of the flames gives a convivial aspect and brings us back to the basics of cooking.  

A taste of yesteryear

The wood-fired oven will give your dishes a smoky taste that you can control and vary according to your experiences and preferences. For this, you are free to try out different types of wood. Apple tree to give a sweet and fruity taste, pecan tree for a light nutty taste or stay on a sure value with beech and oak. Cooking over a wood fire will enhance the flavours of your dishes thanks to the even distribution of the heat and the use of wood, which gives a smoky and unique taste that is inimitable with a traditional oven.

Sharing a moment of conviviality

Let's take a moment to dream a little. It's the holidays, the weather is nice, the kids are home and a bunch of friends are about to arrive. It's the perfect time to get out your outdoor pizza oven and cook some good pizza together! Everyone can participate by choosing the ingredients of their choice and baking delicious pizzas one after the other. With the wood-fired oven, cooking becomes a show and turns your garden into a real meeting place.

Preserve the goodness of your food

Unlike other types of ovens, the outdoor wood-fired oven will preserve the nutrients in the food. Indeed, the cooking of food at a very high temperature will allow a very fast cooking, thus preserving the nutrients and antioxidants of the food. 

Discovering your abilities

Cooking on a wood fire, although not difficult to use, requires a real know-how. Feeding the oven, starting the fire and maintaining the temperature are elements that you will learn to master over time. Yes, there is a real learning phase that will make you a real pro in wood-fired cooking. The operation of the oven, the properties of the fire and the different types of wood to use will no longer hold any secrets for you. Patience, practice, perseverance and a love of cooking are the main qualities to have if you are going to start cooking with wood. 

A high temperature

high-temperature oven

The outdoor wood-fired ovens will allow you to reach an ideal temperature for cooking your dishes and especially pizzas. The performance of the materials, the use of wood, the refractory stone and the design of the outdoor wood-fired oven will allow a rapid rise in temperature, a homogeneous cooking and a great capacity of heat retention. It is the combination of these elements that give the outdoor wood-fired oven its ability to reach very high temperatures of 400°-450°. This temperature will allow you to cook pizzas in less than 2 minutes! Perfect to enjoy a crispy and soft cost. 

Robust over time

An outdoor wood-fired oven is a long-term investment. Depending on the quality of the oven and its maintenance, it can accompany you for more than 10 years in your culinary desires. 

Open up to new ideas

The wood-fired oven will allow you to expand the range of possibilities. No need to limit yourself to dishes requiring low cooking temperatures. The ability of the wood-fired oven to rise to high temperatures (400-450°) will allow you to discover new horizons. From Neapolitan pizza to bread baking, everything is now within reach!

The Neapolitan


Yes, the Neapolitan remains the great star of pizzas. If you also want to make good Neapolitan pizzas, you will need an oven that can reach 400°-450°. The traditional ovens that we use

Share good times while staying mobile

The main advantage of the outdoor wood-fired oven is its size and weight. Some wood-fired ovens can be transported without too much difficulty. One example is the FlameOven pizza oven, which can be easily stored in a car boot. Quickly dismantled and compact, this type of oven is ideal for preparing pizzas in the garden, at friends' houses and why not on a camping trip. 

The Green side

The wood-fired oven does not need electricity or gas to operate. Wood is a clean, renewable and cheap energy with a neutral carbon balance

How to choose?


Thermal efficiency

For a wood-fired kiln, thermal efficiency is the ability of the kiln to reach a high temperature and maintain it for a long period of time. This heating performance is achieved through the use of refractory materials that make up the kiln elements. A good quality oven with good thermal efficiency will also allow you to continue to use the oven even after the fire has been turned off. The accumulated heat will allow you to continue baking and enjoy a downward heat ideal for bread baking. 


The capacity of the oven will be important depending on your expectations. If you want to bake several pizzas at the same time or if you want to prepare large 30 cm pizzas, your choice will be important. The larger the oven, the better the cooking performance. 

The choice of fuel will also be important. For this, we invite you to discover our article on the different types of pizza oven


When choosing your oven, you will also want to consider how you want to use the oven. Do you want to create a real pizza area in your home or do you not have the space for it and simply want to be able to take your oven with you wherever you go? 

The question of the traditional pizza oven or the portable wood-fired oven will then arise. The portable wood-fired oven will allow you to take the oven out for certain occasions and store it easily afterwards. The traditional oven will require more work and space. 

The choice of fuel will also come into play. Electric wood-fired oven for quick preparation and easy maintenance or the wood-fired oven for more authentic cooking. 

The price 

The price of a wood-burning oven will depend on several factors. Generally, the larger and more efficient the oven, the higher the price. If we look at the consumer wood burning ovens, the price will be between 200€ and 800€. Here we will find the outdoor wood ovens. These ovens are ideal for their practicality and thermal quality. To find out more about the different brands of outdoor wood-fired ovens, you can read our comparative article on pizza ovens

For professional wood-fired ovens, the budget will be high due to the cost of materials and construction. Here we will find the fixed hearth oven and the rotary hearth oven. The fixed hearth oven is a traditional oven and its price varies between 3000 and 15000€. The rotary hearth oven will allow a more homogeneous cooking and will cost between 10 000 and 17 000€. 


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